Our Philosophy

Developing tools as if they were for ourselves

Luc Gerlo

  • ALC truss engineering

In 1998 my company ALC Sound & Lighting invested in a V-DOSC Sound System and became a partner of the L-ACOUSTICS network.

Christian Heil's innovative invention of the line-source sound system had turned the entire professional audio world upside down. From now on the loudspeakers would rather be 'flown' than 'stacked'.

However, this ultimate improvement also immediately created huge challenges.
Indoor there were often no or not enough rigging facilities with sufficient weigth capacity. Or these were not at the exact place where they were needed.
Outdoor the clouds could not provide a solace.

We found ourselves searching through catalogs with a dizzying number of products.

My company operated also as lighting service provider.
Consequently our search aimed in both sound and lighting applications. Optimizing the ratio of application and different components was the aim right from the start.
With a philosophy based on some important pillars such as safety, handling efficiency, ecological validity, excellent lifetime, correct choice of raw materials and production processes and some limiting factors such as limited volume in transport and warehouse storage we simply found no other solution than building the tools ourselves.

Qualified engineers with adequate field experience, welding experts and some other wonderful people who shared my passion were drawn into the project.
A 1 TON TOWER that could lift speakers at a maximum height of 10 meters became the team's first achievement.
90% of the components of this tower could also be used as standard truss the next day.
A smaller, MINI TOWER could also be built with it.
And with two such TOWERS one could also build a GOAL POST that was able of lifting 2 TON speakers to a height of 13.5 meters.

As soon as we started using our towers we were approached by colleague production companies. They were completely surprised that the concept of our tower ment that we had created a solution for any type of sound system. Gear from other leading brands such as Meyer Sound, D&B, JBL, Adamson, Electro Voice, Nexo, Martin Audio, Turbosound ... could also be used.

We received orders even before we had considered the possibility of selling these tools.

This led to the creation of the company ALC truss engineering.
And we continued developing tools as if they were for ourselves.